SEO Consulting Services

Digital Cactus, a Melbourne based consulting brand, specialises in SEO and Analytics. I’ve started it as a way to help businesses realise their online potential through gaining an improved understanding of their site, customers and competition.

I often liken SEO to fitness; it takes commitment and hard work to get great results. This service is designed to help you better understand what SEO is and what it isn’t. The focus is on building value for your customers through ensuring an intuitive site structure, addressing demand through the creation of high value pages, and making your site easily accessible to your target audience.

Due to my consultative approach, I find working on a retainer basis achieves the best results, but happy to provide adhoc services as required.

If you’re super-eager to catch-up let’s do coffee, otherwise sit back, relax and read more on exactly how I can help by skipping to your section of interest below:

  1. Website SEO Analysis
  2. Website Rebuild and Migration Support
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Risk Analysis (Backlink Profile Check)
  5. Content Review
  6. Local Search Optimisation

1. Website SEO Analysis

Think of this as an overall health-check of your site; where a physician might look at your resting heart rate, bone density and blood pressure to assess your overall health, I examine your site for the items below to educate your team on how your site’s traffic and revenue potential can be improved, with a review across:

  • Code
  • Information Architecture
  • External Links and
  • Page Load times

Typically, this analysis takes between 15-20 hours to complete dependent on the size, structure and state of the website being audited. As recommendations often require development resources to complete, I suggest budgeting for an additional 5-10 hours to allow me to work alongside your IT department to guide and review implementation.

An SEO Analysis is suited to you if:

  1. You’ve recently rebuilt, or migrated your site to a new platform
  2. You’ve never done an analysis of this nature or
  3. Your website is not as visible within Google as you feel it should be for a brand of its size
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2. Website Rebuild and Migration Support

When businesses think about site rebuilds, design is usually their primary focus. There’s no doubt that design is key, but if more than 30% of your site’s traffic and subsequent revenue comes through search engines (…and I’m guessing it does) then making sure this traffic carries across to the new site is equally important.

Many fail to realise that SEO is most beneficial during rebuilds (not after!), so if you’ve just signed off on a site rebuild I’d recommend my involvement from the very beginning. This gives me enough time to review the current site in terms of how much traffic it’s getting, identify priority content sections and pages and put other basic benchmarks in place. From here I would assist in the following:

  • Examining proposed wire-frames (ensuring they will not have a negative impact on traffic due to design incompatibilities with Google)
  • Advising on URL structure and syntax (how URL’s should be written and if there are any issues with the site’s structure proposed by the design agency)
  • Rigorously test the staging environment prior to going live before conducting a post-launch SEO review as a final quality check

The support offered during a website rebuild spans over the period of the project’s duration, so hours will be assigned depending upon the time frame of your project. Typically assistance will be required the most at the beginning and end of the project and can range between 25-60 hours depending on the size and complexity of the rebuild, as well as traffic numbers to the site.

Rebuild & Migration Support is suited to you if:

  1. You’re rebuilding your website or
  2. You’ve changed domain names and are now hosting your site on a new domain or
  3. You’ve acquired another company and wish to migrate/redirect pages from their site to yours
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3. Competitor Analysis

This looks at defining your online competitors from an organic search perspective (i.e. businesses with the greatest visibility to customers searching for your product or service online). The objective is to outline the key differences between your site, relative to your competition. The intelligence gathered can be used to guide future marketing efforts and prioritise activities based on relative impact. Common metrics I look at when undertaking a competitor analysis include:

  • Analysing the type of content published
  • Site structure (depth and hierarchy)
  • Online brand equity (measured by domain strength) and
  • Code (speed and meta data)

A competitor analysis piece often takes between 23-30 hours depending upon the number of competitors you’d like assessed.

Competitor Analysis is suited to you if:

  1. You do not have a clear understanding of the current competitive landscape
  2. You’re looking for insights on why competitors are outperforming your own site
I'd love to learn more about my competition!

4. Risk Analysis (Backlink Profile Check)

This service is usually required to ‘undo’ questionable or manipulative SEO tactics used in the past. If your business has ever taken part in link building or hired an SEO agency to build ‘SEO’ links to improve your rankings, chances are your brand is at risk. This service has been designed to identify your company’s current risk profile and provide a set of action items to reduce it.

A risk analysis reviews all external links pointing to your site, focusing on where these links have come from (the source), the nature of these links (tactic), and the potential risk of each link (classified as ‘safe’ or ‘toxic’).

This service takes between 35-45 hours depending upon the number of links you have pointing to your site and whether you’d like me to action link removal requests, or would prefer this handled internally.

A Risk Analysis is suited to you if:

  1. You’ve previously engaged in questionable link building tactics (i.e. you have directory, paid, or exact match anchor links)
  2. You’ve never done a check of this nature
  3. You believe you’ve been hit/penalised by Google Penguin noticing a decline in organic traffic to your site
  4. You’ve received an Unnatural Link warning from within Google Webmaster Tools
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5. Content Review

Understanding how people are searching for what you offer plays a vital role as to whether or not your business will be found during the time of need. For example, if your business has a page on mortgages, but customers search for your service using the term home loans, your chances of being found are already reduced. This content review is designed to help you understand the language your audience use to describe your products or services and the type of information they’re after (i.e. how to apply for your first home loan, home loan calculator etc.).

To gather this intelligence, I’ll review your existing site, analyse your competitor’s top content pages, and finally conduct a comprehensive keyword research piece. This project often takes between 15-25 hours to complete with the end result being a set of recommendations to improve the ranking potential of existing pages, with advice (if applicable) on what new content pages should be developed.

A Content Review is suited to you if:

  1. You feel your primary category (product/services) pages are not receiving an adequate level of organic traffic
  2. You’ve never done a content review before
  3. You’d like to get a better understanding of your customers and the information they’re seeking online
  4. You’re rebuilding your site and want guidance on what new pages you should add
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6. Local Search Optimisation

Think of local search optimisation as direct marketing for your website; the objective is to leverage the physical location of your business to improve your ability to be found by customers in close proximity to your business.

As part of the local search optimisation process, I would review each location available to the public critiquing how each is communicated throughout your website, Google+ Business and relevant directory sites. The time required to complete this project differs based on the number of locations your business has and whether new listings need to be created or optimised.

Local Search Optimisation is suited to you if:

  1. Your business has 1 or more publicly accessible locations (i.e. for customers to visit) or
  2. Your business locations are not ranking for proximity based searches (i.e. ANZ Branch Docklands etc.)
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