Google Analytics Consulting & Support

Digital Cactus, a Melbourne based consulting brand, specialises in Analytics and SEO. I’ve started it as a way to help businesses realise their online potential through gaining an improved understanding of their site, customers and competition.

In thinking about reporting it’s important to remember our two primary objectives. The first is to understand performance; the second is to make recommendations on how performance can be improved.

As such, this service focuses on data integrity (making sure the data we collect is accurate) and using your reports as a foundation for recommendations, as opposed to number regurgitation :-/

Due to my consultative approach, I find working on a retainer basis achieves the best results, but happy to provide adhoc services as required.

If you’re super-eager to catch-up let’s do coffee, otherwise sit back, relax and read more on exactly how I can help by skipping to your section of interest below:

  1. Reporting (through Google Analytics)
  2. Google Analytics Configuration & Assistance

1. Reporting (through Google Analytics)

Understanding how your customers get to your site and what they do when they get there is powerful, and it’s data you likely already have access to. This service is about providing greater transparency on how your site is performing and what steps you can take to improve it.

Reporting should be done on a monthly basis, as a minimum, with a focus on providing actionable insights to drive business decisions. To get to this stage, I would work with your digital team to understand:

  • Your key conversion metrics
  • What’s currently being reporting on (and why)
  • How data is being collected

Again, the objective is to illustrate how your reporting can become more efficient, insightful and actionable with the service typically ranging between 15-20 hours. I can also help with generating your reports on a monthly basis and would usually require between 3-6 hours per month to do so.

Reporting is suited to you if:

  1. You don’t currently have a standardised report for your site
  2. You’re unsure of what to track, or report on
  3. You find your current reports to data-heavy and lacking insights
  4. You’re unsure of your website’s performance in general
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2. Google Analytics Configuration & Assistance

Most companies wouldn’t hire a new employee and expect them to begin work without induction or training. Similar to a new employee, Google Analytics needs direction on what data you do and don’t want it to collect, without this initial guidance the integrity of your data is at risk.

This service is designed to help your team become more familiar with Google Analytics and what it can (and can’t) do. I would begin with a thorough review of your existing Google Analytics setup identifying what configuration setting can be improved, or should be added. Some of the items I’d check across would include:

  1. Filters and Alerts
  2. Goals, Funnels and Values
  3. Profiles and Views
  4. Custom Variables and Reports
  5. Ecommerce Tracking
  6. Code, Events and General Implementation

Configuration & Assistance is suited to you if:

  1. You’ve never checked the configuration of your Google Analytics profile
  2. You would simply like to learn more about Google Analytics and correct configuration
  3. You’ve noticed a significant mismatch between Google Analytics tracking when compared to your internal data
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